The 85 decibel Monk music style

The 85 decibel Monks observe:
*** The Nobel Doctrine ***

Go, produce tracks and draw influences from many styles.
............Let not two of you go in the same direction."

Combine mid-90’s boom-bap drum kits, play around with 85 to 95 bpm’s, along with an improvisational twist,
from various instruments flowing with the beat, and what the listener receives is a cross between classic Hip-Hop
cool vibes on top of a Jazz flavored swing, in unison behind a soul groove.

A niche music genre called "Down Tempo" "Chill-Hop" “Nu-Jazz” or "Trip-Hop".

Under the direction of producer Tack-Fu, and his production team titled the "85 decibel Monks," tweaking
these combinations with technical post-production perfection only continues to add to the signature
style, and increased reputation, as one of the finest music production teams in the entire mid-west region.

Tack-Fu and his production team have been hammering out beats in his recording lab for over 10 years.
He has released 3 compilation cds ("Yen & Slang" ('98) / "Chained Reaction" ('00) /
"Tack-Fu Presents: 85 decibel Monks" ('04) ) and many of his instrumentals have appeared on
cable television channels (MTV, VH1, A&E, Discovery, & many others) since 2005.

"Listeners should get a musical experience, not just repetitive loops layered on top of each other.
I'll keep things fresh with respect to the groove. I want to keep the groove moving forward and
feature what is in the present." states Tack-Fu.

"Tack-Fu is an artist in the recording studio," explains Grover Beats, an active member of
the 85 decibel Monks. "Listeners should be ready to go on a musical journey; his presentations will
exceed your expectations."

Every recording is designed to guarantee the ultimate listening experience. Phat beats, groovy
bass lines, funky instruments and the finest sound quality. Check out the music...enjoy the ride.

“There is talent behind the boards in the mighty land of Iowa: those folks aren’t collaborating outta pity”
- Clamor Magazine

“Tack and his 85 decibel Monks have their own individual flavor”

“A showcase of the superb production that sets great hip-hop from the rest of the lot.”
- Smother.Net

“Tack-Fu’s major weapon is his bass lines, which take on a life of their own”

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