Ex-Action Model Figure & current Hip-Hop Producer Tack-Fu bikes across Iowa!

For those who don't live Iowa style or peddle a bike frequently? Let me share with you what the Ragbrai experience is all about.

Spend a week riding a bike across Iowa from the Missouri River to the Mississippi River. Total distance averages 470 miles
or about 50 to 80 miles each day. Official host stops, meeting towns, and overnight towns total 55 most years along the way.
Ragbrai takes place the last full week in July always rolling west to east. It is the largest bike-touring event in the world.

What is the un-official description?

How about a week long keg party on wheels. Entertainment at every overnight town. (where they roll out the red carpet for the riders)
Think music, beer, and comfort food. It's where smoking herb is the preferred medication rather than swallowing Aspirin to take away
minor muscle stiffness and aches along the journey. The motto & plan is to ride hard when going from town-to-town and then play
even harder when you arrive at the destination. Booze, Girls, Cool Dudes & Bikes. My kind'a event! Ragbrai bee-atch! Check the pics.

An Ex-Action Model Figure must get his hair braided for peak performance. As you all can plainly see...
The cornrows divide turbulence against the horizontal force of wind velocity. The effect increases mechanical efficiency of the
contracting muscles when a person encounters wind or climbs a hill on a bike. 10% of the energy cost overcoming air resistance can be
abolished by the "corn row effect" Confirmation of the results were obtained by measurements of dynamic air pressure
with a Pitotstatic tube.

The first order of business? Pack the necessary gear, clothes, lotions, wipes, and other sundries and travel to the start of this year's ride. Orange City.
It's a small town of 6,000 tucked away in the northwest corner of Iowa...with a beautiful park square right in the middle of downtown.
What's an Ex-Action Model Figure to do? Do a photo shoot by the courthouse...of course!

You cannot predict who you might run into on this week long trek across Iowa.
It just happens. The gears fall into the place, the peddles go round and round
and then BAM! You meet iconic American celebrities!

At a night club in Clear Lake, I bumped into the one and only Captain Crunch
of Quaker Oats Cereal fame. Back in Spencer...I was invited to share a brew
with Mr. Ed on his lavish tour bus. That was a very interesting conversation.
I didn't know the talking horse preferred to ride a single gear bike. Go figure.

God Bless the beautiful women of Ragbrai. All those healthy, tan legs just chugging along. The countless number of skin tight biker shorts hugg'en
their firm behinds. Good Lawd Allmighty! Just thinking about it all makes me thirsty! Here are just a few pics with some of the fine (and entertaining)
females I stumbled across along the route.

DO NOT take for granted on this week long bike ride/keg party on wheels titled Ragbrai...the force and spirit of the "cool dudes." is real.
They will offer the peace pipe, share the stash of brew & at the drop of a bike helmet? Be at your side as a wingman for a hour or so.
(I'm Maverick, you're Goose)
God Bless the cool dudes. Here are a few pics of the coolest of the cool. My boys.

Another thing I enjoy about Ragbrai? Talking to the old farmers, small town elder statesmen, and bar flies. During most conversations they ask me where I'm from.
When I say Iowa City...their response goes something like, "Ya' bunch of goddam low-life, pot smok'en commie lib-tard Hillary voters!"

And my usual reaction is to jump up and down like Yosemite Sam with guns a popp'en and screaming at them "Make America Great Again!"

Ex-NFL star Tim Dwight (Falcons, Chargers, Patriots, Jets & Raiders) with Ex-Action Model Figure Tack-Fu. (I hope he's laughing with me...not at me)

Tack-Fu giving Luther College some Norse love in Decorah...if you look over to the left...y'all can see the kid approves of the cornrows.

This is my partner in grime on Ragbrai. His name is Paul Rollman. The only dude I know that rides harder and consumes more adult beverages than yours truly.
(We don't do Ragbrai at "10" our Ragbrai goes to "11")

My partner in grime and yours truly kept running into the beautiful Coors Light girls!
(they were dispensing free quality Coors Light schwag at select towns and events during Ragbrai)

So....when we ran into them again at the liquor spot in the St. Charles? We broke down and let them take a picture with us.

The massive keg party on wheels ended for Ex-Action Model Figure & current Hip-Hop Producer Tack-Fu @ Waukon, Iowa.
All I needed was some shade, a cold carton of milk and a little hug from man's best friend. Ragbrai 2017 bee-atch!

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